Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adding members

You need to find away to add members to your team - the more you have the better you can do.
The normal approach is to start with family and friends but you need to be careful not to over-push and to make sure they would be interested in your new business.

For example uVme ( is all about social networking, playing games, having fun and using Instant Messengers to communicate. Now my 80+year old father is not going to be interested but my 18 year old daughter thinks it is fantastic.

There are hundreds of sites offering mail lists but they may not be targeted enough - you must make sure that you can select a target group that may be interested in your offering and not just a random group of anybodies.

Monday, December 17, 2007

But you must BEWARE

Guess what - there are scam artists out there. Be careful and do the research must be the principle under which you select any company/product you are going to try and make money from.

There are lots of offers, lots of e-products, lots of "internet marketing gurus" and 90% of them will take your money and deliver nothing.

So I strongly recommend some detailed research (google them or it) before you pick a partner and dont just buy every offer that comes along.

My chosen opportunity has been around for 5 years and has an excellent reputation for support and paying its affiliates (thats the important part) so if you are thinking - what do I do - have a look at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emails are specialist subjects

Trying to write an email to send to prospects whi have never heard of you. I tried and my mentor tore it up :( and said that as a specialist email writer he would do it for me.
Mine, I am told, was to impersonnal with nothing to get the reader excited enough to connect with the offer and take the next step.
Now that is great in that it saves me loads of time and frustration but do I learn from that??? Well we will have to wait and see if I can understand why his is better than mine.

Monday, December 10, 2007

So Why uVme

Well I have looked at several opportunities - and they either turn out to by the dreaded pyramid or they cost a fortune and dont actually show how they deliver anything.

Well uVme seems to have covered most of the bases.

There is a product and the product is FUN and SOCIAL NETWORKING (or in plain English - chatting to your pals on the internet).

The development that is being undertaken is truly amazing. The games are great, the instant messenger is excellent and is going to get even better with the next release.

Just imagine having an IM system that links yahoo mail, google chat, msn so it enables you to chat with all your friends in one place and then the ability to play a game or two and maybe win some money.

Multi Level Marketing has been around for a long time but this takes the excitement to the next level. At the launch in Cheltenham Don & Nancy Failla (the gurus of MLM) said this is the most exciting opportunity they have ever seen.

Tomorrow we will look at team building.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Its Taking Over the Internet Like a Virus on Steroids

There is a revolution taking place on the Internet right now...

It’s making fortunes for a select few...

While you work, they play...
And while you sleep, they make money…
USD $164 every second...
of every minute...
of every hour...
of every day.... and it is growing rapidly!!!

Now it’s YOUR turn to get a piece of the action...

Whether you’re looking for fun and entertainment, new friends or a new way of making and winning money you’ll simply fall in loVe with uVme.

Join in the ReVolution for free…

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Electronic Products

Now there are several different sorts of electronic products varying from ebooks to membership sites to software. eBooks seems to be very prolific and with the right content can be sold via your own website or eBay.

The problem I had with this sort of product was there seemed to be a lot of people doing it and nothing to stand out from the crowd.

Then I heard about uVme.

It seemed to have everything I was looking for:
  1. electronic
  2. potential to make money
  3. tools to capture a list
  4. a great (and free) back office system

But it also had something else - it looked like FUN. Play games, communicate with people and earn money while doing it what could be better.

Tomorrow - what is uVme????

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why electronic products

I said that we needed to find something to sell and decided on electronic products - and the quest has been asked WHY?

Well, the answer is not too difficult - when you start building an internet based business you will find there is so much advice (free or otherwise) that you will quickly get overwhelmed but 2 basic lessons stand out:

  1. Find a niche - that is an area of the market that is not overcrowded
  2. Its all in the list - what no one really says is how to build the list but we will cover that in a later entry.
So, we found our first niche - all to do with horses (my wife is fanatically you have heard about golf widows well I'm the horse widower and there is no doubt what takes priority :) ). Business started on eBay and she quickly got to Powerseller status and now there is the online shop as well ( This is great BUT

You need one of two things, or even both:
  1. Stock on hand to dispatch the items. This is OK if you have the cash to fund the stock and the room to store it. In this case books, dvds and cds - well they cost and take up room. So there is a clear cash flow issue here and you need to be sure you can manage that before going this way.
  2. Drop shippers that can supply the product. Great now up front cash and no room needed for stock but not all products for this niche can be dropped shipped and whatever niche you are in you are relying on someone else for your customer service and satisfaction.

More on electronic products tomorrow.